The "Roaring Twenty"

The "Roaring 20"  captures the magical hectic period of pioneering motor racing, when men (and women) diced with death on the primitive racing circuits of the early 20th century.  Wealthy dames and dandies bought their way into the world which became a period of motoring legends.  From a time of stagnation after the First World War, the 20's became a period of social hope and engineering challenges for a country exhausted after years of conflict.  How I would have loved to have been there, tinkering with those red hot tappets and tightening down a few leaky gaskets.

The "Roaring 20" is a real blast from the past.  Made all by hand (mine!) in wax polished woods and blackened steel, it captures the spirit of those vintage days often seen in advertising images of the era.  Dust flying, wheels spinning in a blur at crazy angles, depictiing break neck speeds with two or three cars battling inches apart for the winners laurel wreath ....  Heart racing stuff of the "Boys Own" comic strips!

My interpretation has a sleek, clean body tub, steel plate chassis with steering front axle via a sprung centre pivot linked to a drop arm lever beside the drivers cockpit.  A massive 8 pot  exhaust manifold reaches out on the offside, diving back behind the main engine bulkhead, shooting out on the lower nearside and blasting out past the driver over the rear axle to the rear.  The whole machine is bolted together with domed nuts, which for those with a Meccano mind will find fun to play with.

This must be one of my favourite things to make.  I still get a buzz each time one is completed and just have to get right up close and imagine I'm  wrestling with a massive steering wheel, sliding into a tight corner, cheating death by inches and taking the glory by a split second....... broom..... broooooooooom.......... bbrrrrroooooooooooooooommmmmmm....  Yes, another win under my belt!

Dimensions & Stuff

Length: 12",  Height: 3",  5.5" over wheel nuts,  Wheel Diameter: 3",  Weight: 1lb 13ozs  (No metric nonsense at Thurgarton Iron Works).