Feature Hut of the Month

Sister Wendy

Welcome to Sister Wendy!  I have been driving past this Hut for 15 years and failed to spot her at the back of the farmyard until she turned blue last year.

Sister Wendy has been at this particular farm since the 1940's and could well have originally come from Park Farm, Heydon.   What's even more exciting is that she could also be the "sister hut" to Andrews Hut.  You'll see from the web page about Andrews Hut that there certainly was talk of another hut at Park Farm. 

Sister Wendy is a fixed axle hut, complete with bed and fold-down table.  Unfortunately the stove has now gone.


The roof is plywood and felt replacement.  This has saved the Hut from the ravages of rain with a good wide overhang which sheds the drips clear of the side boards.  (New Hut builders and restorers please note ...keep 'em wide!).

The red box is for a fire extinguisher as Sister Wendy resides next to an old petrol pump.  This is no longer used but you can't be too careful ....




There are two steel eyes on the chassis frame door-end and the hut would have been dragged by hooks and chains to and from the fields ...



Also of note is that the floor is cross braced.  This was possibly done as the Hut has no turntable and all the stress of dragging her across the fields is taken on the floor frames and boarding.  It also looks as though she's had a plywood floor layed over the old boards.  The side frames are all chamfered with single skin cladding.  There is one sliding window frame for ventilation.

I didn't have a tape measure to hand when I visited but at a guess I would say she's 6ft x 9ft and all wheels around 20" diameter.   All in all she's a very well made Hut and I would say she dates from around the early 1900's.